Adding your site to Anchor Showcase

Submitting a site to us is very easy, all it takes a tweet.


To submit a site to us you'll need a link to the site, obviously, but you'll also need to state the person who created the site. In addition to these we also recommend you supply a link to the creators own site, that way we can give them the credit they deserve.

If you're feeling especially helpful you can link us to a page that briefly explains the purpose of the site, a couple of short paragraphs or simply linking to an about section on the site is enough. Don't worry about providing images, we'll take screenshots directly from the site ourselves.

Remember that variety is important and we're always keen to see something different from the norm.

Getting Featured

Any site that seriously impresses us we'll feature on our homepage. It could be for its unique design, attention to detail or simply being well made. We know good work when we see it.

PS. Built a theme for Anchor CMS? Then checkout our brother site, Anchor Themes where you can submit your theme to the official Anchor directory.